Salon Biotop - Off Millesime Bio - Les 27 & 28 février 2022

Biotop Show - Off Millesime Bio - February 27 & 28, 2022

Dear friends,

We will be in Montpellier on February 27 and 28 for the Millésime Bio trade show. We get together with all the winegrowers from the beautiful Vignerons de Nature collective to taste our latest vintages, our unusual ones and other great discoveries. On this occasion you will find a winemaker from each region of France and Europe, producer of ciders or liqueurs.

We will meet you at the Grands Chais (Mauguio) from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

We will bring with us:

For white people

The new vintage of Terres Blanches (2020) - our Saumur blanc which always seduces you with its freshness and delicate fruitiness.

Le Refuge de Chavannes 2018 - a new product which will be marketed this summer.

A release from the Chenin skin maceration tank (6 months of maceration!)

For the reds

L'Ilot des Biches 2019, a cabernet franc that bursts with fruit, a favorite of our customers

Le Pied à l’Etrier 2018, the elegance of a Saumur-Puy-Notre-Dame

Le Clos du Petit Chavannes 2017, for a Saumur-Puy-Notre-Dame that keeps on spices and power.

Looking forward to meeting you there!!

Salon reserved for professionals

Dear friends,

We're happy to come back to Montpellier for the professional Wine Fair, OFF Millesime Bio, BIOTOP. You'll have the opportunity to taste the wines of our winemakers association (one winery per French region).

We'll come with our new vintages and some new things as well.

See you then!

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