Vignes Vins Randos au Puy Notre Dame - dimanche 6 septembre

Vineyards Wines Hikes at Puy Notre Dame - Sunday September 6

Vignes Vins Randos are 16 delicious walks in the Loire Valley vineyards, to be enjoyed with family or friends. With the winegrowers as your guide, this is a unique opportunity to discover the most beautiful wine-growing terroirs of a region listed as a UNESCO world heritage site.

Equipped with the perfect hiker's kit, each with a tasting glass, you set off for around 2/3 hours of walking, punctuated by gourmet breaks: tastings of wines and local products, discovery of the terroirs, local heritage and the winegrower's profession. .

In a friendly and warm atmosphere, education, relaxation and indulgence are at the rendezvous of this unique human and sensory experience to live.

This year we are waiting for you on Sunday September 6 in the park of the Puy Notre Dame town hall, with the Puy winegrowers to help you discover our beautiful village classified as a “Village of Character” and our atypical wines. Each winemaker will introduce you to their wines in the Saumur-Puy-Notre-Dame appellation, our small in volume but large in appellation-village quality. You will learn the typicality of our terroirs and our winemaking techniques which make our wines unlike any other.
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